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Sweating the Small Stuff on Stargate Atlantis

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Fanfiction community for fics inspired and centered around the small details of Stargate Atlantis.

Have you ever wondered why Rodney’s first name is Meredith? Or exactly how John learned Rodney’s computer password in the first place? Then this is the community for you. We believe the fic really is in the details and challenge all SGA fanfic writers to prove just that. The concept is pretty simple:

1) Watch an SGA episode (I know, I know, rough assignment but you’ll muddle through somehow).
2) Find some small detail that comes out about a character or the city or anything really.
3) Use that as the inspiration/focal point of a fic.
4) Post that glorious creation here for all to read and enjoy.

That’s it! It can be any length, any genre, anything you want as long as it’s based on a small detail in an ep, and the smaller the better. For example, you might write a 10,000 word backstory on Rodney being lost in the mall as a kid from Miller’s Crossing, or maybe a slashy ficlet on John finding a sweater in his and Rodney’s closet twenty years in the future and realize it was just like the one the hologram had been wearing in The Last Man, or maybe that 500 page tome Rodney wrote about Elizabeth in Toa of Rodney was what finally made Liz realize she couldn’t live without him, or maybe you just want a nice teamy missing scene of Ronon watching Jaws for the first time like he referenced in Quarantine.

Gen, slash, het… backstory, futurefic, canon, AU, tags, missing scenes… drabbles to novels… whatever floats your boat (and speaking of boats, was the one Rodney dreamed about in Doppelganger maybe just like the one his grandfather had when he was a kid?) Your options are almost as endless as the details that come out in the episodes, although we do have few rules for posting.

General Rules for the Community:

1. An Admin posting will announce that an episode is open for fics after the episode airs on the east coast in the United States (sorry, I don’t know when they air anywhere else in the world) and you can continue to post stories on that episode indefinitely.
2. If you have seen the episode before that date by some miraculous means, feel free to write but please do not post a fic until after the ep has aired. Early postings will be deleted but can be reposted after the allowed time.
3. If you don’t want to write a fic but saw a detail you would like to see addressed in a fic, just mention it in a comment in the admin posting announcing the episode is available for posting. Writers, consider these free bunny chow.
4. You can cross post your fics wherever you like, but please post them here, as well, and not just links, so people can comment at this community.
5. Put all stories behind LJ cuts.
6. If your story summary contains major plot spoilers for the episode, please place it behind the LJ cut. Example: Saying “Twenty years after nearly losing everything, John finds a familiar sweater in his closet” is fine. Saying “John finds a sweater worn by the holographic Rodney who he met 48,000 years in the future and who saved the Pegasus Galaxy by sacrificing everything” isn’t fine.
7. In the title block, please post the title of the fic, author and episode tag in paranthesis. Example: Awesome Detail Fic by awesomewriter (5.01 Seach and Rescue)
8. Use the following format when posting fic info in the main body of the post:

Title: Name o’ the fic
Author: That’s you!
Pairing: Only necessary for slash or het. If it spoils a surprise in the fic to give the pairing, at least state if it is slash or het.
Rating: We accept all ratings, so if it contains explicit sex, it must be posted as NC-17.
Word count: So we know how long to set aside to read it.
Warning: Death fic, torture, rape… anything that might squick someone.
Spoilers: The inspiration ep is pretty obvious but others might be there as well.
Author Notes: Beta thanks, confessions of insanity, etc.
Summary: Again, if it’s really spoilerish, put it behind the cut.


Tagging will be by episode name and number. Refer to the admin post for the proper tag to use for each episode.

Sweating the Small Stuff Challenge

As a bonus incentive, we also have a Season 5 challenge to write one fic for each episode. Fics for the challenge do not have to be posted in the order episodes air, but they must all be posted before the challenge period ends on the date of the Season 6 premieres (yes, I’m an optimist, so sue me!) or one year from the Season 5 premiere, whichever comes first. That’s 20 fics in 52 weeks, enough to get you sweating, right? Participation in the challenge is not necessary to post to the community, but those who accomplish this feat will be rewarding with a recognition post on the community, major bragging rights, and a spiffy banner that will be coming soon.

Any questions about the challenge or the community in general can be directed to the Admins in any Admin post. The current Admins are liketheriverun and kodiak_bear .